Free and Low Cost Opportunities to Volunteer Abroad
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Kin Initiative volunteers in Uganda
OrganizationKin Initiative
Program Costs$0
Room & Board$350 month (or less)
Language RequirementsEnglish
The Kin Initiative began operating in 1990 by helping children attend school and providing skill training. Dress making, carpentry, carving, baking, metalwork, and typing are just a few of the skills that the organization is sharing with the community.

Children and staff also cultivate a garden plot to supply food to the program and to sell. The Kin Initiative hops to begin farming a larger plot and to add additional dairy cows, chickens and pigs to better meet the nutritional needs of the children, and to raise local funds making the program self sustainable.

Volunteers are needed to teach basic health and sanitation to the children - there are also HIV focused classes to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. The cultural diversity each volunteer brings to the program is also priceless. Visitors from other nations help to broaden the children's horizons while teaching tolerance and acceptance.