Free and Low Cost Opportunities to Volunteer Abroad
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Africa Volunteer in Africa
In Africa, over one third of the population struggles to survive on less than one dollar per day. Disease and famine are frequent and wide spread since many areas do not enjoy regular rainfall. There are numerous opportunities to volunteer whether you want to provide medical care, educate children, rescue animals, or protect diminishing habitat.

Doctors, nurses, surgeons, dentists and other medical volunteers are needed to provide care to the poor living in rural areas. Malnutrition, Aids and other diseases, and injuries sustained in ethnic clashes create an overwhelming need for medical support.

Although animals still has an unrivaled freedom of movement across Africa, their natural habitats are shrinking. Hunting, poaching, and the loss of natural habitat are having a tremendous impact on these icons of Africa. Volunteer to rehabilitate captured animals or work to protect their habitat. Find a volunteer opportunity in Africa that satisfies your interest and make a difference.